Special structures

Deck structures

Deck Constructions Gives you a push.

Natural result and great sense of gait. Deck constructions find dozens of applications thanks to the ingenuity and versatility of Formal Aluminum Design techniques.

Tile roofs from Panels

The roof panels have built-in thermal insulation and provide you with an absolutely ecological roof, unlike the old munitions which have proved to be extremely dangerous and carcinogenic.

The roof panel is the only material that replaces tiles, tarpaulins, boards, insulators and sandblasters. Especially in case you want to break your old roof, panel placement is an easy, fast and economical solution. Due to the low weight and shape of the roof panel, a low cost of support material, minimal placement time and generally lighter and antiseismic construction is required.

Roof panel with built-in natural wood

There are also ceiling panels with built-in natural wood ramps. They can thus be used in visible wooden constructions, ironworks, without the need to cover them with false ceilings.

The weight of the roof panel is about 1/4 of the weight of the corresponding tile, ideal for restoring homes that do not hold heavy roof weight.

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