Aluminum Frames


The E75 system is designed and built specifically to meet modern energy efficiency requirements in building construction. Thanks to its unique features, the E75 has excellent thermal insulation properties and meets the strictest specifications. It is a solution for a variety of functional and aesthetic requirements. The basic dimensions of the E75 are a 75 mm wide sheet and a fixed panel width of only 106 mm.


FW 50 Curtain Wall System for Impressive Vertical Facades and Skylights With the thermo-insulated Schüco FW 50+ column / traverse facade system, it is possible to perform stunning vertical facades and skylights, particularly with large element widths and high installation height, with external or internal appearance.


Sliding and retractable Schuco ASS 50 system for complete solutions. The heat-shrinking sliding and retracting system impresses with its robust sheets and thin faces as well as the many shaping capabilities.


The Schüco AWS 65 window system offers excellent thermal insulation properties. The basic Schüco AWS 65 window system offers excellent thermal insulation features and offers a wide range of possibilities for imaginative design solutions. Flexibility in color design with different colors inside and outside

C 520 ALFA

C 520 opening aluminum system for doors and windows with perimeter locking.

T 530 ALFA

T 530 Aluminum system for opening doors and windows with thermal break.


Opening system E-45. The new thermal insulation system for thermal and non-thermal insulation. The opening system E-45 is one of the newest generation new-generation systems with innovative design and excellent thermal insulation and sound-insulating properties (24 mm - 30 mm non-polar polyamides). Due to the wide variety of profiles in straight and flowing form it covers any aesthetic and functional need.

T 320 ALFA

T 320 sliding system with thermal break for doors and windows.


Ideal for applications with high demands. System for sliding windows, doors and large openings, with timeless design on smooth, straight and slightly curved lines


The M6 series is the evolution of well-known classical curtain walls. The M6 series is the evolution of classical window blinds, with emphasis on simplicity of construction, better thermal insulation and improved water drainage. The system has a wide range of applications, ranging from simple flat construction to complex sloping structures and patio construction.


The M 9400 system is the dominant and most popular aluminum opening system. The M-9400 has a special feature of the great diversity in construction. It is a system with a 45mm frame width which includes windows and doors that are opened or tilted, shutters, windows, cooperations of open-sliding frames.

M 11000 ALUMIL

The M11000 is a reliable opening system for a wide variety of applications. It is certified to meet all modern requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety. The special design of its profiles allows it to function properly in doors of any opening, both in residential and business premises.


The S 300 sliding system is an elegant proposition with thermal insulating features. The sliding system S 300 is the thermal insulation version of the M 14000. It is a particularly elegant proposal with the characteristics of the stainless steel scroll wheel, straight cut and linear aesthetics.


Complete system for opening and reclining windows, entrance doors and windows. Beautiful smooth external curves and aesthetics not surpassed by time.


A basic differentiation of the PR62 from other commercially available systems is that the system was designed specifically for entry doors and is not yet another system that is designed for windows and which can also make doors. That's why its design did not follow the camouflage of europea camera which, when using camera hinges, limits the permissible weight of the sheets and consequently the dimensions of the openings, while requiring long construction times when reliable external hinges are used. The minimum thickness of the profiles is 1.6 mm giving the structures the necessary resistance for large entrance doors. In addition, the 20mm heat cut offers high levels of thermal insulation even in the most extreme weather conditions. The manufacturer can respond to all architectural requirements for large openings, since it is possible to quickly and reliably build single or double leaf, interior or exterior sliding doors.

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